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Design Considerations For Medical Offices


In looking at the design considerations for medical offices, we see that both ambience and functionality play a vital role in enhancing the visibility and maximising the efficiency of the space. Today we delve into the various components that make up a doctor’s office, so as to guide you as you fit-out your next healthcare project.

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Bar Counter Design


When it comes to bar counter design, understanding the key role it plays in the overall success of any club, lounge or bar is a major contributing factor to the level of input that goes into crafting it. Picking up from where we left off with DESIGNING CLUBS AND BARS, we see that coming up with the general theme and identifying the target audience of the bar, will not only set it apart from the rest, but also ensure that there’s a steady inflow of customers and revellers.

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Provisions For Commercial Kitchens


When it comes to provisions for commercial kitchens, the buck doesn’t stop with maintaining a clean and hygienic environment. Several other factors have to be in place to ensure a safe and conducive working environment. Today, we delve into the various provisions that need to be in place, when setting up commercial kitchens.

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Accessible Design


With the growing numbers and visibility of differently abled individuals plus aging populations, the need for accessible design is now at the forefront of many stakeholder’s minds. In addition, taking into consideration the functionality and adaptability of the various spaces takes centre stage. Today we delve into the world of accessible design, the key features aiding mobility and the various specifications attached to these features.

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Designing An Office Space


Trends are fast shifting when it comes to designing an office space. No longer are blank white walls and glass partitions considered the go-to solution; instead, business owners are now embracing bolder colour palettes, nonconventional partitions, open plans plus loose furniture and fittings, to make the office space feel less confined and a lot more appealing to all who frequent it. Let’s now look into these different solutions and how they can be implemented to varying degrees when designing an office space.

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Varying Awning Shade Covers


With the rains coming down heavily, varying awning shade covers are being considered to identify the option that’ll effectively shield you from the elements of the weather. As previously mentioned in FACTORS WHEN SETTING UP AN INDOOR-OUTDOOR SPACE, these covers can either be rigid or flexible in form. Today we’ll delve into the varying awning shade covers readily available in the market, their characteristics and factors to consider when sourcing one.

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It is sufficed to say that above ground plunge pools are the latest lifestyle trend to cement their place in the region; and this, is judging by their frequent occurrence in most resorts, getaway destinations and residential homesteads of numerous notable and exclusive establishments. What