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Space Saving Hacks


When it comes to getting the maximum use of a small or limited space, incorporating space saving hacks into your design will enable you to effectively utilize it, without resorting to a cramped or crowded space. Though some hacks may seem relatively obvious, getting additional tips on how to better use and/or layer them may just be the game changer you’ve been looking forward to this entire time.

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Costing For Interior Design Projects


Following the upsurge in the need to engage an interior designer for your renovation
projects, having or knowing the cost implications attached to their services will better help
you in budgeting for your project. When it comes to costing for interior design projects,
there’s no one cookie cutter way of going about it, however with the passage of time, several
methods have become more mainstream and these, now form the standard more widely
accepted templates. Today we’ll delve into these methods, in order to better understand the
different costing templates and help you determine the one that works best for you.

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Indoor-Outdoor Space


With the advent of the influenza outbreak commonly referred to as COVID-19, the health benefits associated with the simple joys in life became more evident. Starting with regular walks to the intake of fruits and vegetables, embracing what mother nature abundantly had to offer was now, more than ever, normalized. The society now fully understood the importance of vitamin D and with it, came the need to incorporate ways of actively sunbathing within close proximity of one’s premises. And that’s the direction in which this blog post is heading. Let’s now delve into the different factors to consider when setting up an indoor-outdoor space.

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Project Management 101


Construction Project Management is an integral part of the Interior Construction also known as Interior Fit-out phase of any interior design project. Having a checklist in place and meticulously following each step will ultimately determine the success or failure of your project. What are the steps you need to consider when putting together this checklist? That’s where we come in.

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Designing With The Future In Mind


You’re out and about, going about your business and something immediately catches your attention. Before you, stands someone in a stunning ensemble topped off with a pair of trousers that take you back, way back, to those teenage years when owning a pair of bell-bottoms was the in-thing. If anything, the wider the funnel base the more desirable they were and trendier the wearer was. Where am I going with this? In the same way that your choice of clothes come with a time stamp, so does the choice of fittings, fixtures and furnishings you use in your space. Designing with the future in mind is thus about creating timeless interior spaces. Carefully selecting the pieces and finishes to adorn your space while avoiding anything that is bound to date it or quickly go out of style. In order to go about it like a pro, I’ve gone ahead and listed several pointers to keep you on the right track.  

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Corporate Branding Phi


With Corporate Branding being a general term for how businesses or companies put their name or brand out there, showcasing and familiarizing themselves to the masses, having no corporate branding in place is akin to having no business. I’ve said this countless times and even though I may now sound like a broken record, the power of planting a seed can never be underestimated. That said, lets delve into some of the easiest and most effective ways of showcasing your company’s brand to the masses i.e. Corporate Branding. 

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Office Space


Having been tasked with the design, space planning and fit-out of numerous office spaces, I’ve noted with concern several costly mistakes business owners make when settling on the office space. Judging by the frequency of some of these mistakes, it only makes sense that this blog entry delves into the various costly mistakes while offering you viable solutions to mitigate against the same.

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Beautiful Interiors


Living in a picture-perfect home isn’t reserved for the elite alone, you too can have beautiful interiors simply by making a few minor changes to your current space. Your home after all, is your haven and every facet of it should perfectly reflect that. I consider these changes the secret to beautiful interiors and today, I’d like to share the same with you.

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Colour Scheming Your Home


What colours do you hate to be associated with? What colours bring you zero joy? What colours make your blood boil? And what colours conjure up negative experiences and feelings? On the contrary, what colours absolutely make your day? What colours adorn your wardrobe? What colours make you lighten up, liven your mood and lift your spirits? And what colours speak to your soul? These are the questions you first need to ask yourself before embarking on any colour scheming journey.

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