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With the advent of the influenza outbreak commonly referred to as COVID-19, the health benefits associated with the simple joys in life became more evident. Starting with regular walks to the intake of fruits and vegetables, embracing what mother nature abundantly had to offer was now, more than ever, normalized. The society now fully understood the importance of vitamin D and with it, came the need to incorporate ways of actively sunbathing within close proximity of one’s premises. And that’s the direction in which this blog post is heading. Let’s now delve into the different factors to consider when setting up an indoor-outdoor space.

Factor #1 Location Setting

When it comes to the Location Setting, we are looking at the space or area you want to use. Be it a balcony, verandah, screened porch or patio or an underutilized space that you want to put up a sunroom, gazebo or pergola. Whatever the setting, make sure the space not only allows for adequate light penetration but also free flowing air circulation i.e., well ventilated. With the location setting in place, we can now move on to the next factor.

Factor #2 Awning Shade

In anticipation of the days when the elements of weather will be a little harsh, having an Awning Shade in place to shield you from too much direct sunlight, heavy rains or strong winds will definitely set you on the right path. With varying awning options ranging from rigid ones like clear roofing sheets, glass panes, perspex and polycarbonate sheets to more flexible ones like shadenet, serge ferrari sails, PVC and ripstop canvas, achieving the desired design and functionality outcome for your indoor-outdoor space is very much possible. 

Factor #3 Groundcover

When it comes to the Groundcover, settling on a more natural looking solution is the ideal way to go. Laying of paver slabs or mazeras stone on a relatively mature lawn or turf on surfaces which aren’t conducive for plant life, is a perfect way to achieve this. Don’t shy away from introducing a footpath or step stones leading towards the space plus a rock garden or water feature adjacent to it, to bring in some interesting elements to the space.

Factor #4 Furniture

For the Furniture, the more weather resistant it is the better, not only is a longer shelf life guaranteed but also you get more value for your money. With furniture comes lighting, from directional lighting for the footpath to the ambient and functional lighting for the space, having fixtures that rely on solar energy as opposed to electricity will definitely save your pockets. 

Factor #5 Planters

Last but not least comes the Planters. Balancing between more potted options for spaces that are more indoor than outdoor and less potted more inground plants for more outdoor spaces creates the perfect blend and aesthetic appeal for your indoor-outdoor space. It’ll only be a matter of time before the birds get wind of your space and not long thereafter, will their visits become very regular.

With that in mind, setting up that indoor-outdoor space is now a walk in the park. Not only will you have unlimited access to the best of what mother nature has to offer but also create a meeting point for friends, family and birds looking to relax, take it easy and soak in the sun. And like I always say, should you have any queries, need further clarification or want to compare notes on the same, feel free to reach out, we are but a call, email or click away.

Till next time…Baraka Tele

Fiona Odhiambo

Fiona Odhiambo

FIONA is the Principal and Lead Interior Design Consultant of Phi Interior Designers. With a passion for design and the world of interiors, service and mentorship, she has over eleven (11) years’ experience in building consultancy, interior architectural design, project management and planning on CAD programs

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