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With Corporate Branding being a general term for how businesses or companies put their name or brand out there, showcasing and familiarizing themselves to the masses, having no corporate branding in place is akin to having no business. I’ve said this countless times and even though I may now sound like a broken record, the power of planting a seed can never be underestimated. That said, lets delve into some of the easiest and most effective ways of showcasing your company’s brand to the masses i.e. Corporate Branding. 

Signages and Billboards

Literally one of the oldest, tried and tested ways of getting your brand out there. Signages and Billboards are a great avenue to reach people in the physical space; generating enough visibility that’ll later translate to credibility and finally profitability. The more times people see your company’s brand, the easier it is for them to relate to it and bring business your way.

Wall and Window Graphics

In the physical space, Wall and Window Graphics are another great and inexpensive way of creating a media wall for your company’s brand. With different types of media to choose from, ranging from vinyl stickers to frosted films, and each allowing for different levels of translucency, any façade of practically any surface can be branded. No need for a bare bland partition when it can easily be used to showcase your brand.


Digital times call for digital solutions and Websites are great in that arena. In one platform, they allow you to feature as much content and information about your company’s brand as humanly possible, all while creating avenues of constant engagement with everybody who is interested in your deliverables. As it’s said, if you cannot be found at the click of a button, then you are not in business.

Branded Stationery and Merchandise

When considering easy yet effective ways of getting your brand out there, what better way than to have others push it for you. Branded Stationery and Merchandise get the job done in such an effortlessly easy way, that not having any branded items now feels like an incomplete marketing strategy. Just imagine a branded notebook or pen that you use on a daily basis, how much visibility has it generated over the past day, week or month and how much more is achievable when the numbers are multiplied.

Staff Uniforms

Similar to branded items, Staff Uniforms readily help get your company’s brand out there. Be it during one’s commute to and from the office or at a corporate event, the pairs of eyes on that small logo on your team’s gear cannot be ignored. In addition, streamlined staff uniforms are also a great way of making sure your team’s image aligns with your company’s brand. Talk about killing two birds with one stone.

Social Media Pages

I cannot stress this enough, in this digital age, every company or business needs and should have at least one Social Media Page to connect and interact with their fans and followers. These social media pages are also a great avenue to ensure that you stay in the loop, plugged in on all emerging and changing needs within your industry. Like I stated earlier, if you cannot be found at the click of a button, then you are not in business.

Having shed light on some of the easiest and most effective ways of showcasing your company’s brand to the masses, I now hope that when it comes to Corporate Branding, it will now feature heavily on your company’s marketing strategy. But should you however, still need to be pointed in the right direction, feel free to reach out to us and we’ll be sure to offer our expertise.

Till next time…Baraka Tele

Fiona Odhiambo

Fiona Odhiambo

FIONA is the Principal and Lead Interior Design Consultant of Phi Interior Designers. With a passion for design and the world of interiors, service and mentorship, she has over eleven (11) years’ experience in building consultancy, interior architectural design, project management and planning on CAD programs

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